61st District Court

The 61st District Court Clerks Office will be closed to the public Friday April 22nd due to a system upgrade. Case Payments will be taken at the Courthouse by check or case only April 25nd and April 26th. No Credit Card payments will be taken during this time either at the Courthouse or online.

Court record lookups will remain available, but will only be current thru 4.00PM Thursday April 22nd. Current records will become available sometime the week of April 25th - 29th.

The 61st Drug Lab at 82 Ionia will be closed Friday April 22nd.

The Courts Probation, Domestic Assault Response Team Offices and Work Program will remain open.

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the 61st District Court has six judges and one full-time, law trained magistrate. The Court hears cases which arise within the boundary of the City of Grand Rapids.