61st District Court

61st District Court Directory

Please contact us at the Court's main number: 616-632-5700


David J. Buter, Chief Judge Pro Tem  
  Patty Royce, Recorder 616-632-5652
  Christine Sapp, Judicial Clerk 616-632-5653
  Office FAX 616-632-5658
Michael J. Distel, Judge  
  Deb Russell, Recorder   616-632-5675
  Colleen Mox, Judicial Clerk   616-632-5676
  Office FAX 616-632-5681
Christina Elmore, Judge  
  Deb Wagoner, Recorder 616-632-5679
  Vanessa Busch, Judicial Clerk 616-632-5678
  Office FAX 616-632-5673
Jennifer L. Faber, Judge  
  LuAnn Fritzen, Recorder 616-632-5660
   Sue Wisneski, Judicial Clerk    616-632-5661
  Office FAX   616-632-5665
Jeanine N. LaVille, Chief Judge  
  Jenny Cusack, Recorder 616-632-5670
  Christine Huizenga, Judicial Clerk 616-632-5671
  Office FAX 616-632-5673
Kimberly A. Schaefer, Judge  
  Liane Couch, Recorder 616-632-5667
  Stephanie Morgan, Judicial Clerk 616-632-5668
  Office FAX 616-632-5681
Steven Brunink, Magistrate  
  Monica Julien, Judicial Clerk 616-632-5654
  Office FAX 616-632-5658


Gary P. Secor, Administrator (gary.secor@grcourt.org) 616-632-5700
  Amy Young, Administrative Assistant, Administration 616-632-5589
  Dani Smith, Administrative Assistant, Finance 616-632-5664
  Office FAX 616-632-5592
Criminal/Traffic Division  
General Information 616-632-5525
  Tanya Todd, Clerk of the Court, (tanya.todd@grcourt.org) 616-632-5580
          Office FAX 616-632-5582
Civil/Financial Services  
  General Information 616-632-5555
          Office FAX 616-632-5583
  General Civil 616-632-5555
  Small Claims 616-632-5555
  Landlord/Tenant 616-632-5555
          Office FAX 616-632-5583
  Collections Officer (collections@grcourt.org) 616-632-5550
          Office FAX 616-632-5586
Probation Services  
General Information 616-632-5650
Joe Berlin, Chief Probation Officer (Joe.Berlin@grcourt.org) 616-632-5650
Alternative Sentencing  
  Work Crew and Community Service (communityservice@grcourt.org) 616-632-5648
  Office FAX 616-632-5620
Restitution (Shirley.McMullen@grcourt.org) 616-632-5538
  Office FAX 616-632-5584
Drug Court Testing Lab (drugtesting@grcourt.org)  
  Drop Schedule 616-632-5685
  Office FAX 616-632-5686
Domestic Assault Response Team (DART@grcourt.org) 616-632-5641
  Office FAX 616-632-5647
Victim Impact Coordinator (Dani.Smith@grcourt.org)   616-632-5664
  Office FAX 616-632-5592
Victim Services Coordinator (victimservices@grcourt.org) 616-632-5643